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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Chances With Me (A Poem)

Everyone says
as the young girl heads toward the door.
Knowing that she deserves better than this.
No one can stop her now,
she has been hurt one
to many times.

Her bags are packed,
she is ready to leave
all of this behind.
She had come for acceptance
and spontaneity,
now that seems like
a  far off fantasy.
She needs to go home
back to where she belongs,
where she is accepted.
Not torn down,
compared to others,
never being enough.

She had it all once,
then she threw it away
for some minor thought
that wouldn't go away.
Needing to get that back
and deciding change is the only answer.
Thinking will he ever want
this chance with me?

She heads out the door now,
leaving the life she made behind
She thinks of hope and love
and knows they are the answer
All she can do know is try her best, waiting.
Waiting, for another chance with me. 
©Amanda Catherine

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Adventure (A Childrens Story)

On a red hot Thanksgiving day in Beverly hills' Sneezy the lizard was on an adventure.An adventure to where you may be wondering an adventure to find the perfect Thanksgiving dinner for himself. He hopes to find insects and if he is lucky enough fruit. Sneezy the lizard loves fruit.

As he runs along houses he hears screaming, people don't like lizards, especially on their windows. As he is running and running he runs into a little girl who loves lizards, as she picks him up and brings him inside, not only did he get what he was looking for, he got more. He got a forever home.                          
©Amanda Catherine

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Summer Plans I once had (A Poem)

This summer I want to not be poor
and not have that eviction notice on my door.

I want to play putt putt golf in my cool new shades
and spin upside down on the elitch garden rides
since that is the cool new craze.

I want to splash in the waves at water world
and take an adventure while going on a hike
maybe a moose will venture in my sight.

Maybe I will even see a concert at Red Rocks
and sing my favorite songs by my favorite bands
at the top of my lungs or maybe just maybe

None of the above. 
©Amanda Catherine