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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story:Behind the Story!

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about my story, so I thought today was a good day to tell you about it! Also I am tired and didn't want to write out a full story tonight, so this is as good of a day as any. :) ... But expect a new one tomorrow. <3

1. Is the story real life or fiction?
It's 100% real. I am Anna and this is the story of my teenage life. I kept journals of everything so         I get an idea of how I was feeling at the time and write about it. Every last detail.
2. What about your friends, are the names in the story their actual names?
No, I don't have any sort of contact with the friends in the story anymore but I did want to keep         their real names private. I did use the first letter from their real names for the fake names I gave         them. 
3. Why did you hang out with these awful friends, they don't seem like very good friends to me.
I was stupid, that is honestly the best way to put it. I really wanted people to like me so I would           hang around bad people. I wanted to be popular and that was stupid because look at where it             got me. I got me assaulted, constantly torn down and my self confidence was always at 0. I                 wish I was as sassy as I am now then, that would have solved all my problems.
4. When did you all stop being friends
As soon as we graduated from High School, I took it as opportunity to run for the hills from all           of them. Do I regret doing that? Maybe a little, I always hoped that they would change, but I         
can say that they didn't. They all got new friends that deal with them and that's great for them. It         gives me peace and quiet to deal with my problems that this friendship gave me. 
5. Will I ever stop writing them?
Nope! I haven't even gotten to the juicy details yet. 
6.You describe everything in such detail, any hints for my own writing? 
Every night I go to my parents house and sit in my old room on my old bed and get into the moment of what was going on. It helps me go back to that moment in time, it helps my writing become real. My advice is to really get into your characters, the more juicy the detail, the better. Don't be afraid to let loose! It makes the reader enjoy your story more. 
7. Does anything good ever happen to Anna? 
Sometimes, she really gets to shine her senior year of high school. That's when everything comes together and she finally get a break from her awful situations that keep bringing her down. 
8. Anna makes better friends right? 
Yup, she gets a really group of friends that she never thought she would have. They help her see the beauty in everything in really odd ways and I can't wait to tell you about it. 
9. Does Anna always have bad luck with guys? 
I high school, yes. It only gets worse from where the story is now. After high school not so much. Currently she is still dealing with being afraid of men in general. 
10. Does Anna quit the guitar for good after Ashley's comment. 
She doesn't handle it well, but you will have to wait for the next story to find out. I will give you hint...Maybe. 

Anna's "For Sad Times" Mix
"Crazy" By Simple Plan
"Made of Glass" By Trapt
"Scars" By Papa Roach
"Dirty Little Secret" By The All-American Rejects
"My World" By SR-71
"Hello Hello" By SR-71
"The best is yet to come" By SR-71
"A Beautiful Mess" By Jason Mraz
"Lyrical Lies" By Cute is What we Aim for
"Broken" By Amy Lee and Seether
"Breakdown" By Daughtry
"Used to" By Daughtry
"Best of Me" By Sum 41
"Welcome to my Life" By Simple Plan
"Perfect" By Simple Plan
"Just Missed the Train" By Kelly Clarkson
"Not Listening" By Papa Roach
"Take Me" By Papa Roach
"Everything is Alright" By Motion City Soundtrack
"Something I Call Personality" By New Found Glory 
"Head on Collision" By New Found Glory 
"Fuck You" By Lily Allen
"Last Train Home" By Lostprophets 
"Last Summer" By Lostprophets
"Hear you me" By Jimmy Eat World
"Riot" By Three Days Grace
"Never to Late" By Three Days Grace
"Pain" By Three Days Grace
"I hate everything about you" By Three Days Grace
"Blurry" By Puddle of Mudd
"When I'm Gone" By Three Doors Down
"Always" By Blink 182
"I Miss you" By Blink 182 
"Adams Song" By Blink 182 
"Low" By Kelly Clarckson
"Complicated" By Avril Lavigne 
"Things I'll Never Say" By Avril Lavigne 
"A Million Miles" By Lostprophets 
"Race Against Myself" The Offspring
"So Cold" By Breaking Benjamin
"Rain" By Breaking Benjamin
"Breakdown" By Breaking Benjamin
"Vindicated" By Dashboared Confessional 
"Everything I'm Not" By the Veronica's
"Heavily Broken" By the Veronica's
"When it All Falls Apart" By the Veronica's 
"Autumn and Me" By Saving Jane
"Imperfection" By Saving Jane 
"The Forth Drink Instinct" By Cute is what we Aim For 
"Not Ready to Make Nice" By the Dixie Chicks 


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