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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: The Unthinkable Happens

Anna heads home after another horrific day at school, nothing can seem to go her way, But little did she know that everything was going good for her compared to what was about to happen. Word had gotten around of what was going on between her and Lincoln. Jenny must have heard her talking to one of her other friends about it. Anna was fed up getting treated the way she had been. She had been sexually assaulted, harassed and been called a slut by almost everyone in school for things she did not do, but for the things that had been happening to her, so she just wanted someone to talk to. She walks in the door and her mom was standing there in stunned silence. She had just gotten off the phone with Ashley and Lincolns mom and they were heading over to there house. Before they got there her mom asks her if everything was true, which it was, but it had been through the grapevine so much that it got twisted into Anna wanting Lincoln to do what he did to her. After Anna explains everything to her mom and tells her why she never told her there was a knock on the door. It was Lincoln and his horrific mom. They enter through the door and she starts screaming at Anna, not caring if what she said was true or not. She accused Anna of being a slut that wanted Lincoln to do this to her, After everything had calmed down the slightest bit, Lincolns mom made Anna apologize to Lincoln for what happened, like she was the assaulter and not the victim in the situation. She did not believe anything that Anna said was true. Lincoln just stood in to corner in silence and let his mom fight his battles for him. The worst part was what she made Anna apologize for... she didn't want Anna to ruin a possible football scholarship for him because of this, even though everything was true. When Anna walked up to him to apologize he looked at her with what seemed like a sympathetic face until he smiles. At this point Anna never wanted to punch someone so hard before. He did this to her and got off with a little smack on the wrist, while she has to live with this everyday. Anna's mom was still in stunned silence by everything that had just gone down. She finally gets up enough words to tell them all to leave. Anna fell into her moms shoulder and cried, for almost the whole night. She had never felt more alone. When she had finally gets a handle on everything she heads down to her room and writes. She did not plan, she put pen to paper and wrote down everything that she had held inside for so long.

My life is a bunch of stories,
some with drama, some with love, some with happiness,
and some that consist of all of the above.
I may not like them,
I may not care.
But I wish somehow,
someone else was standing there. 
I look at my life and wonder what happened,

All these years have come and gone
and somehow it didn't take very long. 
Shouldn't my life already be a Broadway Musical

being performed by the actors who don't know what happened?

Especially when I received that simple first kiss of such a bliss 

or when I lost my dignity to a rumor
that changed my life in an unkindly manor?

I gave up on my life oh so quickly, 
frankly it didn't end neatly.
People looked down on me
and began not to trust me,
or even believe in me or the words I say. 
My life became part of the unknown.
I lost the battle of life.
During life you can only take so much.
You will gain some
and you will loose some.
But all that you can do is
hold on through the long lively battle of life.  

She finally stops writing, throws her pen and screams into her pillow. She was alone and it was at this point that she realized it.

To be continued... <3 <3
Hi everyone, it's Amanda or Anna here. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you guys for taking this journey with me. I never thought that I would get such a positive response from me writing about my life. This is part of the story that was the hardest for me to write. I am sorry if I did not go into as much detail as what I normally would, but this is real. I really had to apologize for someone sexually assaulting me, I wish I could say that I was over it since it happened so long ago but this has been the hardest obstacle for me to overcome in my life. I hope that if there is somebody out there that is going through something similar that they will find hope in my writing. Your High School life does not define you, bad things may happen to you, but when you finally graduate you can walk out and know better things will come to you. You just have to hold on through the long lively battle of life. 
With love and butterflies,
Amanda (Anna) 

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