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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ambitions (A Poem)

I am 
not smart,
or am I?
I was always 
told I 
would never
 amount to anything.

Why do you 
even try? 
It won't help,
they always say.
In the back 
of my mind,
I know I
will amount to more.

All they see
is a girl 
who is lost,
and looking
for meaning,  

But I can 
assure you
I'm only
getting started,
you just wait
and see.
There is
so much more
to me.

©Amanda Catherine

Friday, July 29, 2016

Insomniac (A Poem)

Night time,
the best time of day. 
My pen starts 
to flow 
and my thoughts 
grow faster. 
Nothing can hold 
me back.
I am an insomniac. 

While everyone
is sleeping
my thoughts
grow alive. 
become friends
and friends 
become pirates. 
The world is mine,
I am an insomniac. 

I can be
anything I 
set my pen to. 
My stories are
Nothing can 
stop me now,
I am an insomniac. 

©Amanda Catherine

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Smile (A Poem)

Staring at you
across the bar.
You mess with 
your drink.
You check the time,
tapping the bar

You look behind you.
The one you
are looking for 
is nowhere 
to be found.
Your eyes pass
over me.
You do a double take,
 look at me
 and smile.

I pretend to not notice
as I smile back.
My hand pushes
my hair behind my ear
as I giggle
and look back up at you.

©Amanda Catherine

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Masterpiece (A Poem)

I'm in the mood 
to write a masterpiece.
To bad it's going
to be about you. 

What can I say?
You make me feel 
less of a person.
Maybe because 
I am less than you. 

What can I say? 
You are smarter,
some say prettier. 
Like that matters. 
You can read a book.
I can make a masterpiece. 
To bad this piece
is about you. 

You have all the 
experience that life
has to offer.
I have all my
emotions inside
that make me 
think different than you.
You can solve a
math equation. 
Me - You = Happy

I guess you are happy. 
This masterpiece
is about you. 

©Amanda Catherine

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Always Love Life (A Poem)

©Amanda Catherine

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Scary Stalker!

Finally home from her mini vacation Anna finds herself unable to text Remy, it was to good to be true that everything happened the way it did. It wasn't to long of her being home that Jenny texted her asking her if she wanted to hang out. Anna was feeling invincible so she agrees to go. As she biking towards Jenny's house Anna notices someone following her. She turns down different blocks real fast to turn this guy around and it worked, but Anna didn't think to hide her bike once so got to Jenny's. Once Jenny and Anna got all of their stuff ready to go to Circuit City they step outside and there is the truck that was following Anna earlier. 

Anna looks at Jenny and pulls her arm, explaining what happened to her Jenny starts to get mad at the situation and starts yelling at the guy. "Back off, we don't want you around us!" and "Get the fu*k away you perv." are the only things coming out of Jenny's mouth. Anna wanted to have the guts to start yelling at the guy, but instead she pulls out her phone and had 911 dialed into her phone ready incase stuff decided to go down. The truck starts to leave but the guy inside stared at them as he drove past. Jenny says "I knew I would scare them off." Anna with her hands shaking says "I don't know if what you did was good or not." "Just get on your bike so we can go" Jenny says. While Anna gets on her bike she is trying to remember everything about the guy, Facial features, hair color, color of the truck and the make and model of the truck. "We'll be fine, lets go!" Jenny yells. Sighing Anna starts to follow Jenny up the block. As they pedal everything seemed fine, they even made it to the store. As Jenny and Anna wander around the store Anna asks Jenny of she thinks they should call the cops about what happened. Jenny says no and told Anna to leave it alone, the guy won't be coming back. 

As Anna and Jenny leave the store, Anna starts to look around, she doesn't trust anything or anyone right now. She gets to guts to leave and everything was going fine until they entered the neighborhood again. It wan't long until the weird stalker was back. Anna on her bike a few feet behind Jenny yells "we have company!" "Lets loose him!!" Jenny screams back. "Meet at Ashley's?" Anna yells. "Yeah" As they split up they turn in two different directions at the end of the block. Knowing this neighborhood like to back of her hand Anna starts weaving down and around all the streets. For whatever reason this stalker seems really obsessed with her, he hasn't gone after Jenny once. "Maybe it;s because Jenny is obviously the crazy one", Anna thinks to herself. 

It feels like it has been forever and this guy won't leave her alone. Anna pulls out her phone and calls Jenny still trying to loose the guy. Anna just wants to know if she is at Ashley's. Once Anna finds out that Jenny is at Ashley's she has her open the side gate of Ashley's house so that Anna could bike directly into the backyard, she didn't want this guy to see her at all when she made her way to safety. Anna turns the corner and is on Ashley's street. Anna pedals so fast hoping the guy won't see her. As soon as she pulls into the backyard Anna hops off her bike and lets it crash into a bush and runs over to help Jenny quickly close the gate.

They get the gate closed and each of them take a fence hole to look through to see if the guy is near. Jenny keeps trying to talk to Anna but Anna keeps shhhing her. "I hear something" Anna says. The truck stops in the middle of the block and the guy gets out and starts to look around. He scratches his head baffled as the where Anna went. "I think we are almost safe" Anna whispers. "At least until we leave" she continues. They both run inside and Anna calls her mom to have her come get her but there is no answer, the same happenes for Jenny. Ashley walks downstairs and into the kitchen babbling off something stupid when she opens the blinds. Anna and Jenny fall the floor hiding. Jenny asks Ashley if she can see anything and she says "No their is just some weird blue truck outside. "Close the blinds!" Anna and Ashley yell! "God whatever" Ashley says as she closes the blinds. As Anna and Jenny get up off the floor Ashley asks what the big deal is. Apparently Jenny hadn't explained anything to Ashley when she got there. It was when Anna entered the situation that things started to turn serious.

"I'm calling the cops!" Anna yells. "I'm so sick of this" she continues. Jenny tackles Anna to the floor because she didn't want the cops involved. "I don't feel safe at all!" Anna says starting the loose her patience. After some bickering back and forth no one ends up calling the cops. A few hours and episodes of Spongebob pass and Jenny looses her patience and goes outside to face the guy and he was no where to be found. "I;m going home." Jenny says and she grabs all of her stuff. Anna is still very reluctant to even step outside says "Nah, I'm good, I'll continue the cartoon watching fest we have started.  Ashley yells "well I am leaving with her then, so just text me when you are home!" As Anna's eyes refocus on the TV she starts to something, it was Lincoln who lathered himself in cologne. Anna double looks behind her shoulder and proceeds to ignore him. He walks up sits across from her and steals the remote from her as he sits down. "Ug, what?" Anna mumbles. "Oh nothing, just heard you voice after I woke up from a nap." he says. "So you decided to come bother me?" Anna responds back. I'm a little flustered so leaving me alone would be fantastic" she continues. "So I see you met my friend." Lincoln says. Anna looks at him dead in the eye and says What!!!?" "Oh yeah I told him to follow you around to freak you out a little bit, figured it would bring you here eventually." As Anna tried to compose her words she stares at him with the face of confusion and is even more terrified.

To be continued...
©Amanda Catherine

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

27 Facts About Me For My 27th Birthday!

1, I was named after a Barry Manilow song.
2. I am an only child.
3. I barely graduated High School.
4. I've never left the US. 
5. I am a Phlebotomist (and I am a real good one.)
6. I've worked in Retail for 9 years. 
7. My eyes change color in the sunlight. There natural color is green.
8. My hair was black when I was born, then all fell out and turned blond.
9. I can cook well. 
10. I love to make banana bread. 
11. I am obsessed with conspiracy theories. (I love seeing what people can come up with.) 
12. My favorite movie is Zoolander.
13. I've been to Vegas over 10 times. 
14. I love The Legend of Zelda games. 
15. I can write a poem in 10 minutes, if not less. It's a weird gift. 
16. I love all different types of music.
17. My favorite band growing up was Good Charlotte.
18. I ran from the cops in High School.
19. I've been suspended in High School and College.
20. My lucky number is 20.
21. I've never been drunk or high.
22. I've lived out of state for a few months tagging bears. 
23. I was a College Dance team.
24. I'm really good at Archery and have been doing in since I was 9.
25. I'm an insomniac. 
26. I've had 5 surgeries.
27. I stutter when I am nervous. 

Amanda Catherine

Saturday, July 16, 2016

I write for life (A Poem/ Blurb)

I write for life
I write for love.
I write to see the world from up above.
My life is a story waiting to written 
There is so much to be said,
so much between the lines.
Will you take this ride with me
and explore my life as it is meant to be.

©Amanda Catherine


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Forgotten (A Poem)

You turn your back and
walk away,
knowing you'll never
be remembered,
Only forgotten.

Forgotten like those moments
you had together.
They all become a
distant memory of
what you thought
you had.

Hoping for things
to be different
you change yourself
to a person
you never wanted to be.
Wanting to fit in
but fearing
to stand out.

You walk alone
with your shadow
upon this dark night
until you are once again

©Amanda Catherine

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Girl Of Mystery (A Poem)

I look at you,
you look at me. 
I had a feeling 
it was meant to be. 
You walk my way
you make me blush.
Could this be lust?

You come closer
and walk right past.
You were looking
at the girl of my past.
The girl who
dreams of lust,
the girl of which 
loving herself 
wasn't a must. 

I look behind me
as you leave 
with the girl of mystery. 

©Amanda Catherine

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fading Beauty (A Poem)

The best is yet to come my dear.
Don't let life be a shove,
Surround yourself with the beauty
of the world.
Let your happiness unfold,
much like the hope that is within you.
It grows stronger with
each new day and
must never fade away.
©Amanda Catherine

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Lingering Love (A Poem)

Love like a summers day
Could never be washed away.
My thoughts of you still linger
With every touch
Oh how I loved you so much.
I wish we could meet again
to wipe away our fears and
let love take control
of our fears.

©Amanda Catherine

Friday, July 8, 2016

Sparks Fly (A Poem)

Day turns into night
Sparks begin to fly.
Time to release
All my emotions
That lie inside.

I put pen to paper
And write whatever
Comes out.
This is my time
To be free,
No more judgements
On me.

©Amanda Catherine

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Disappear (A Poem)

She stumbles 
to get her words out.
She had never
done something 
this bad before.

Maybe is was me,
or maybe it was 
this anger building
up inside of me.
She thinks to herself

She takes a step
back and turns to walk away.
No longer wanting
to hurt anyone,

Maybe if I disappear
things can go back
to how they used to be?

As she takes another 
step towards the door
out pops you.
You who I have 
hurt one to many times. 

As I spin around
my hair follows me.
You start to yell my name,
but I disappear
into a thought
you will only have 
once or twice more.

©Amanda Catherine 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ordinary (A Poem)

I'm not an ordinary girl.
I love to dance,
Just so I can twirl.

I look at life
With an interesting twist.
I always have a
Different way of doing things,
Because of this
I cannot be missed.

When you look at me,
You will wonder why
I am the way I am.
And when I look at you,
I will wonder all of the above.

I don't like how people
Make fun of other people
For being true to themselves.
For heaven's sake
Can't we all be unique
And genuine in every flaw?

My scars have stories,
But not the usual kind.
My scars come from within.
Wanting to fit in,
But always standing out.
Emotional abuse was my childhood.

I fear to say I am broken,
I regret to say, it was my fault.
When you look at me,
You can fear not.
I will not judge you,
Who you are,
Or where you came from.

Your story is your own,
From beginning to end.

©Amanda Catherine 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Writers Block (A Poem)

My mind is all jumbled,
my memories turn into a fog,
should I even write at all?
My thoughts are fading
my ideas are swarming in,
like a pattern that makes no sense.
I start to stumble,
my writings gain no progress.
Time to turn to that alternative and
ignore those thoughts for a while,
then all those pieces will fall together.
©Amanda Catherine