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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Reality Sets In

Anna woke up to the birds chirping and walked to the mirror. She looked up and she had black bags under her eyes, it isn't like after an event like that she could of actually slept. She had about 40 missed calls from Ashley and Jenny, but at this point in time she did not care. Surviving this madness was what she spent her time doing, it isn't like they actually cared. If they did, it wouldn't have ended like this. She slams the bathroom door out of rage and the mirror on it breaks. She thinks to herself "Oh well 7 years of bad luck, what's that going to do to me. I am already in hell" and continues walking, not caring about the mess that she left trailed behind her. She grabs her Lynyrd Skynyrd backpack that has about 8 weeks of unfinished papers and homework in it and heads to school. With her life drama, homework was the last thing from her mind.

While at school she kept herself secluded from anyone and everything. People just cause drama. Especially in High School where everyone just wants to fit in, no matter the consequences. Her plan was to become a nobody. It shouldn't be that hard right? She looks up and sees Wyatt and Lincoln leaving an advisers office. At this point all secrets were off as she goes and asks the adviser why they were there. He tells her they were changing schools, they would be attending her school next semester. She falls into a chair as, like she was passing out. The adviser just stared at her confused. She runs out of the advisers office and she kept saying how fine she was because he kept asking. Wishing one of the jocks would shove her into a locker or that she was small enough to fit into her guitar case she finds enough courage to keep going to class. She was forming a collection of failing slips and advisory requests. If it wasn't one thing it was another. Later she ends up in an office with about 4 different people from her school, all advisers or counselors. They kept asking her why she was failing almost every class, how her home life was, if she had thought about dropping out and getting a GED and why there were so many rumors going around about her. She didn't say anything, she was surprised about how fast everyone was giving up in her and gets up and walks out.

Ashley and Jenny were waiting for her by her locker, the one place Anna frequented. Ashley says "so I heard what you did to my brother, my mom is still mad you know. You could have really messed up Lincolns future." It was becoming blatantly obvious that no one cared about her or her future. She pushes them both out of the way and leaves school, she was excused for the rest of the day because of the advisory meeting she was supposed to be in. She puts on her headphones and ignores the world and then she runs into Wyatt and Lincoln outside, Lincoln looks at her, honestly she was kind of hoping for an apology even if he didn't mean it. Those words, I'm sorry, could make everything seem not so bad. He hands her a note and she opens it. It reads,

It is better if people see what happened in this way. I have to much on the line to have to deal with this. Also I know you liked it as much as I liked doing it to you.


Anna starts crying, tears up the note and throws it at him right as Jenny comes out and starts making out with Wyatt. Lincoln pushes Anna up against against a tree and tries to make out with her. One of Anna's teachers sees what is going on and intervenes. It was her favorite teacher, Mr. Jones. He pulls Anna up to his classroom that was empty and sits her down, hands her a box of tissues and says "tell me everything, I know something is wrong. You can't hide it anymore.

To be continued... <3

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