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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Walk Away (A Poem)

Have you ever
walked into a room
and felt like 
everyone was 
staring at you?
I have.

Have you ever 
left somewhere 
because you felt
like everyone was 
talking about you?
I have.

Maybe it is 
or maybe it is
in my own mind. 
But these things 
have happened
to more people 
than one,
that you 
cannot deny. 

I try and 
brush it off
but it's hard you 
see when I know 
that you talked about me. 
If you don't like
me that is ok.
But please don't act 
like we are friends
and then walk away. 

I can sense the 
hate while you 
are around.
My ears are wide 
open and that's 
what you don't see.
I can hear what
you say 
but I'll be the 
first to
walk away. 

©Amanda Catherine

Monday, August 15, 2016

Feelings (A Poem)

I write 
for those 
who feel 
who think
that no one

I write
for all 
who will read.
Who get
from the 
words that 
pour out from
with in me.

I write because
I can't be the 
only one 
who feels 
this way. 

©Amanda Catherine

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fairy Tale (A Poem)

I knew I could 
be anything I wanted
to be...
If only I had
a fairy godmother 
to make that
come true.
Flick with a twist
and the world 
would be 

Instead I'm
stuck in a 
modern day 
fairy tale.  
and broken 
aren't really 
the fairy tale thing.

Oh wait?
Maybe it's that 
I am not naive. 

©Amanda Catherine

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Silhouette (Lyrics/Poem)

We will never
forget those teenage 
years where we 
caused chaos and
The world was 
our playground
and we were
going to dance 
in the sand. 

Late nights turn 
into ones we 
will never forget 
but will always
want to repeat. 
We will drive
and chase the sun 
while we hold hands 
until the sun 
comes up.
I can still see
your silhouette
clear as day. 

This is the story
of me and you. 
Never alone
because you 
were always right 
beside me. 
My mind will 
always be wrapped 
up in thoughts of you. 

Every time you look 
at me I get lost 
in the thoughts of you.
Your eyes like 
the blue of the 
and your hair 
black as your
fingernail polish. 

This is the story
of me and you. 
Never alone
because you 
were always right 
beside me. 
My mind will 
always be wrapped 
up in thoughts of you. 

Looking back now
these are the nights 
my mind still gets 
wrapped up in. 
You left your
mark on me 
that I will never forget.
Please come
back to me. 

©Amanda Catherine

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Normal (A Poem)

I wanted
to be normal. 
But then I 
soon realized
that normal is 
I don't even
know if
I know what 
normal truly is. 

©Amanda Catherine

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Mean (A Poem)

You yell 
at me and 
I watch your
every step
as you wind
up to make 
your next move. 

I look 
for an
escape but
there is no 
where to run. 
All I can 
think in my 
head is 
what did I 
do to make 
you turn so
and more 
to take your
out on me. 

I would say 
I am 
but I know 
it won't matter.
My mind blanks 
out as you 
are yelling 
at me telling 
me how 
stupid I am.
Maybe you
are right 
or maybe you
are misdirected. 

©Amanda Catherine

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Reality (A Poem)

I hate when
people look
at me 
and only
see what is
on the outside. 
If this is the
case I am 
a talentless
girl with a
mediocre face, 

But in
I am a 
free thinker,
poetess .
With talents
that you
will never see.
I have insight,
on things
that matter.
But most 
won't ask me 
because I
am a 
High School misfit
with a degree 
in dropping out. 

©Amanda Catherine

Friday, August 5, 2016

Lies (A Poem)

My mom
always told me
I couldn't be
whatever I 
That I had
to limit 
Dumb myself
down in
a way.

Now that I
have grown up,
I look back
on this
past advice and
get a sadness 

I always thought
I was less.
I still think
that I am less
than everyone.

I am not
I feel sadness.
Sadness that
so many parents 
tell their kids 
these lies. 

There is
only one thing
to do.
Be amazing

©Amanda Catherine

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Nightmare (A Poem)

I am your
minds worst nightmare.
I'll make
you think
about things 
you would rather 

Beauty is
a lie.
Girls put
on make up
for what? 
To impress
judging eyes
that watch
their every

For men 
being buff is
the way, 
if not you 
must be gay 
because there
is only one
right way. 

Call me crazy
but I will
question you.
I am your
minds worst

We are taught
to think the same.
I dare you
to think 
If you don't
we are just 
playing the 
biggest game 
of follow the

©Amanda Catherine

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Play (A Poem)

Wanna play
a game? 
I'll tell you
something about me
and you'll
look at me with
complete disdain.

Wanna play
a game?
Truth or Dare
seems to have
your name.
You go in for
kiss right after 
you told a lie 
to your truth. 

Wanna play
a game?
Is poker
more your speed?
Do you have
the need for greed?
I'll fold
my cards 
and you'll
walk away.
 a champion 
of the lesser.

Wanna play 
a game?
I'll play
with your 
until you are to
afraid to
walk way.

©Amanda Catherine

Monday, August 1, 2016

Runaway (A Poem)

Figures it would end
like this. 
Lost and alone
as you 
leave never look back.
I never thought
it would end like this.
Thinking about it now 
I should of saw it coming.
My life will never be
the same,
maybe I will just keep running
away from all the sadness
looking for something
I know was never there. 

©Amanda Catherine