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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The beauty within you and me

I’m not like you,
you’re not like me.
We both just want to be
who we want to be. 
We all feel lost, 
we all feel alone.
We will live our lives
and get stories of our own.

We all feel love,
we all feel despair.
We all want a taste of love so rare. 
In this life I hope you see 
the beauty that is within you and me.
©Amanda Catherine

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Pretend Romance

Anna stood in stunned silence, she couldn't believe that she actually did what she did. She looked at the 2 boys on the floor and looked up at her friends. Her only thoughts were "I hope they are ok" and "I am going to be in so much trouble for this." She starts to help the 2 guys up but they want nothing to do with her, can't say she blames them. As they both got up off the floor they both looked fine, just a few bruises, but those would eventually heal. They both look at Anna and call her a crazy bitch as the walk away. Anna turns to her friends and walks directly past them. There faces said all that they needed to know. Anna continues walking and thinking to herself about how much she needed to change but how she had no clue how. She figured one way to change would be to actually go to class so she goes and grabs her school books from her locker. On her way to class she bumps into David, they guy that was helping her in math that she also has a secret crush on. She smiles at him and continues walking. As she walks past him he grabs her and pulls her back to him. He looks her directly in the eye and says "Are you ok'? She send off a little chuckle and says "When have I ever been ok?" He tries to stop her as she attempts to leave again and says "I'm here." 

She knew that a lot of people were always there to talk to but the problem was how much judgement came from her talking to them. She already had enough problems with liking herself much less adding everyone else's judgment to the mix. But for some odd reason she trusted David. She looked at him and said "Can I talk to you on the way home from school?" She knew he would shed some light on her whole situation that she needed to see. He didn't say anything back all he did was nod his head. For some reason that made Anna smile. As Anna walks away from David she bumps into Ashton. Apparently he was really upset about the thing that happened earlier. He grabs Anna and pulls her into the stairwell. She leans up against the railing and says "ok what is it?" Ashton looks at her and says "I can no longer pretend to be interested in you. Jenny asked me to in hopes of making you feel better but you are way to crazy and I no longer want to apart of it. We are through." He leaves and Anna is still in the stairwell. She had no clue what to do. Does she cry? Does she feel relieved? Or does she.... and then it hit her. Jenny made him act interested in her because she felt nobody was or ever would be. That was the most messed up thing anyone has ever done, besides the whole thing with Lincoln. She decides the leave the stairwell and go to class. She wasn't to upset about the whole thing because there was apparently nothing there. She couldn't wait to get on the bus and tell David all about it. 

©Amanda Catherine