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Friday, July 31, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story:The Betrayal

Anna liked nighttime a lot, but recently it kept getting interrupted by her parents fighting which led to her dad throwing things and yelling at her mom and her. It was never anything she didn't already think of herself so it bothered her but not in the way it should have. Her dad was emotionally abusive which made Anna want to get out of the house even more. She found herself going on a lot of bike rides near Wyatt's house in hoping that he would see her. She hadn't heard anything from him since the night of the sleepover. After the night that they had together she was confused why he never tried to contact her or why he never answered any of her calls, they really hit it off and she really liked him. Anna spent most of her free time writing poems about that night, it was one of the few things that was good that had happened to her recently. She had even told Ashley and Jenny about what happened that night and for a while that's all she would talk about. It made Lincoln mad, but what was new. He couldn't do anything worse to her than what he already was.

One day she was going on one of her "get me out of this house" bike rides when she saw Jenny and Wyatt together. She thought that this was unusual so she stopped and watched to see what was going on. A little stalkerish but she didn't care, They started making out heavily. Jenny was pushed up against a parked car while he was feeling her all over. Anna broke down, and had an emotional break down in the middle of the street because of what she had just witnessed. No wonder Wyatt never got into contact with her, he was to busy shoving his tongue down Jenny's throat. Later that day once she calmed down she nervously called Jenny and confronted her about the incident, Jenny pretty much said that he seemed like a nice guy from all of your stories about you and him so I thought that I would give him a chance. Anna voice cracked as she said "what, what what do you mean, I told you all those stories because I trusted that you wouldn't do anything." Jenny knew how she felt about him and she went and did this, this set Anna over the edge, How could Wyatt do this to her, How could Jenny be so cynical that she pulled this on Anna. Jenny just kept laying on the dirty details saying that Wyatt said that she was a horrible person and that she was an attention whore. Anna hangs up mid conversation on Jenny and throws her phone across her room and screams as she falls onto her bed. She wanted someone to make everything OK, but she knew there was no one but herself to make that happen. She lays in bed all night and never moves with her "For times I am sad" playlist plays on repeat. She rolls over trying to forget all that had happened. Lincoln, Wyatt, Ashley and Jenny, she wanted them all to fade away. When she gets up the courage she goes and grabs her phone to see what new lies were being spread about her. Behind the madness of all the chain texts there was a group conversation going on about her that for some reason she was included in. It was between Jenny, Ashley and Wyatt. They where talking about how much they all didn't like her and saying things that she had supposedly said that where obviously not true. One of the new things that was going around was that Anna had accused one of Wyatt's friends of raping her at the sleepover. She thought back and she had never even met this so called "friend". This was one of those rare occasions that she wished she would of fallen for the peer pressure and took up smoking.

Anna was standing under the crazy tree talking to her other friends when Ashley approaches her and says "how could you do this to all of us, this is all your fault." Of course never asking Anna what she thought of the situation. Just straight up accusing her of things that were not true just because Jenny said so. Even though Anna was furious and wanted to give Ashley a piece of her mind she ignored her and kept talking with her other friends. It takes a few minutes of Ashley still yelling at her but she does eventually walk away. Her other friends named, Donna, Holly and Alaina just stare at Anna and then say the best thing ever..."wow, what a bitch." At that moment Anna figured out who she should really be hanging out with, She laughs and says "yeah, I love you guys" and then heads to class, not realizing the drama she had just started by her one small action of not saying anything.

To be continued <3

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