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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: A Romantic Interest

Since Anna always had such bad luck with guys she was trying to steer clear from them. No boys meant no drama. That didn't mean that she couldn't look at them every now and then though. She was becoming very fond of a guy named David. They had known each other for a while but she had never thought of him in "that way" until recently. David and her had a lot of classes together so she saw him a lot. Anna grades were doing some what better so her advisers had decided to put her into more advanced classes, these are the classes that she had with David. They had Algebra 3, American History, British Lit X and Oceanography X. They often sat next to each other as well since their last names were close together in the alphabet. 

Sitting in her Algebra 3 class one day Anna was getting really confused and bored, The teacher often let the class work together to solve their assigned math problems. Anna was not having very good luck as usual so she throws her pencil down and turns around at starts talking to David. As she turns around she says "Well I don't get this and I don't want to solve X so whatcha doin.? David looks at her above his glasses and says "Well I am busy solving for X so you should too. Anna slouches back into her chair and thinks what someone who wants to do the class work? This is getting to weird. David could see that Anna didn't get the work so that is why she was looking for someone to talk to. Anna feels a tap on her shoulder and look up David smiles at her and says "It's not that I don't want to talk, I just hate doing homework so I am trying to get ahead so I don't have to. Just a question do you get what we're doing in this class." As Anna gets a really sad look on her face and he says "That's what I thought... Do you want me try and explain it to you? I am not the best tutor but I will try." As Anna nods her head excitedly David pulls out a fresh piece of paper and starts trying to tutor Anna in class. This turned into David tutoring the whole half of the class that they sat closest to. It was odd, but it made Anna feel better that so much of the class had no clue what was going on either. 

Whenever Anna looked at David her eyes would light up, he was so smart. It was like he knew everything, either that or Anna was slacking on the things that she knew or payed attention to. School has never been important to her so she often would fall behind and doesn't pay as much attention as she should. But with David she actually wanted to learn, she wanted for once to be smart. She still didn't get the math but she did want to pay more attention to hopefully get it. As the bell rung and the class packed up their huge mounds of homework. Anna stops David and says "hey thanks, I still don't get it, but I am hard person to teach so thanks for trying." David smiles and says "Well I'll enjoy the challenge of tutoring you then." Anna's stomach filled up with butterflies, he wanted to help her again. This wasn't just a one time thing! David continues and says "I hope you have issues in your other classes to. I have a lot of classes with you and I enjoyed talking and helping you today and I want to keep seeing you." Anna got confused by what he was saying, but she figured it was all good. He just wanted to keep helping her, talking to her and getting to know her. Honestly Anna had never felt more flattered. Maybe her bad grades would come in handy for once. It would give her a reason to talk to him for a while. 

As they left the class they walked the hall together, their next class were very close to each other. She had economics and he had AP European History. As they approached her class room she jokes and says "Time to go learn how to bake a pie I know I am never going to make, and then make a floral arrangement I can't keep." "I love pie!!" David screams, "That's why these halls always smell so good! After the first initial shock of someone screaming about pie Anna stares at her feet and says "I wish I had that much excitement about anything. I haven't been that excited about much of anything in a while." David kicks her foot gently to get her to look at him and says "We can work on that too."
Flustered and not paying attention Anna runs into the classroom door, she hears Davids voice she can't quite tell what he is saying because he was talking so softly, but it seemed like he was saying "I never thought you were this clumsy.. I like it." 

To Be Continued... <3 
Stay tuned for my summary tomorrow! 

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