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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Behind the Characters!

Anna: The girl that the story follows. She has a hard time dealing her friends and family. She often thinks bad about herself, only because that's what she thinks everyone else thinks about her. She wants everyone to like her, so she often does things she doesn't want to to seem cool. Most people don't know but she is an only child, so her dogs are like her siblings. Some characteristics about her are she has naturally wavy blond hair, blue/ green eyes and in High School she had a really bad acne problem. While in school she was the tallest girl in most of her classes standing at 5'9" in her later years of High School. She enjoys writing poetry, playing the guitar, drawing flowers and volunteering with animals.  

Jenny: One of Anna's best friends. They first met in elementary school where Jenny really hated Anna because of how much she stood up to her. Jenny often thought that Anna was annoying then. They became really close in the 7th grade because they both ended up going to the same very small middle school. Jenny has a very slender figure with dirty blonde hair, bangs and brown eyes. She is your typical girl next door type girl. She has a lot of boyfriends and all the boys always want to be with her. She has a younger sister and her parents got divorced a lot, so she is constantly craving attention. She likes to draw, mainly mythical creatures and she is very good at it.  

Ashley: The new girl in school that Anna befriends her first day. They became friends because they had so much in common. Ashley is very good at playing the guitar. It helped because her moms boyfriend played the guitar in a band so she learned from him. While in High School she really liked care bears. She is also a very good singer, because of this she was in a lot of the school choirs. She isn't afraid to tell anyone how it is and she always does what she wants. She has dark red hair, freckles and hazel eyes. She is a total metal head and is always going to concerts. She can be very secluded, which is why she had such issues with Anna and all of her friend drama.  

Lincoln: Lincoln is Ashley's younger brother. When he is first introduced in the story Anna thought that he was cute, but all that turned sour. He is popular with in his group of friends at his school. He plays football, and hopes to get a scholarship to college from football. All the girls think that he is cute. Even though he sexually assaulted Anna more than once, Anna still has a hard time saying no to him. He is a gamer and plays Call of Duty a lot. His most favorite types of movies are horror. He has dark brown hair and baby blue eyes and is decently tall. He has a hard time showing his feelings to anyone and is very awkward. 

Wyatt: Wyatt is one of Lincolns friends. He is introduced in the story of the sleepover. He likes to be the funny man of the group. He has strong opinions and is never afraid to say them. He has a older and younger brother. He is often referred to as a ladies man because he knows just what to say when it comes to girls. Anna has a crush on him for a while. He has blonde hair and blue eyes and is the shortest member of the group. Later in the story he ends up being Jenny's boyfriend for a while. He is a singer and his favorite genre of music is alternative/ punk and that is also how he dresses. The best way to describe how he dresses is a hot topic employee or if hot topic threw up on him. 

Brian: Brian is one of Anna closest friends and is 2 years older than her. He often understands her the best. In the Truth or Dare story he ends up being Anna's first kiss. Later in the story he starts up a band where he is the drummer and vocals. He also plays guitar and teaches Anna a lot of classic rock songs on the guitar. He also plays on the schools hockey team. Soon he will become a romantic interest of Anna's. Their relationship is one of the most complicated ones with in the story. He has brown hair and brown eyes and is a few inches shorter than Anna. One funny thing about him is that he has an obsession with ducks. 

Tina: Anna meets Tina in Biology class. They end up becoming friends because they both enjoy writing and they both hate school. Tina cuts herself in class a lot because of some issues with her home life. In the most recent story with her Anna finds out that she likes to steal and is constantly getting in trouble. It's because of this that Anna isn't sure if she wants to be friends with her anymore. She has long black hair, freckles and brown eyes.  She is also in choir. The best way to describe her is the misunderstood one, who is really rebellious. 

Donna: Donna and Anna became friends because they both have a mutual dislike of Jenny. She is the biggest metal head in the group. She has a older sister, and a lot of cats. As Anna grows into her own Donna becomes her best friend. One silly quirk about Donna is that she likes to sleep in jeans and a hoodie. She loves to draw and also plays the guitar, but never takes guitar with Anna. She doesn't like to be part of drama, and will always stand up for herself no matter what. She has straight dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. 

Holly: Holly and Anna first met when Anna was in 3rd grade and Holly was in 2nd. When they were in elementary school they were inseparable. They both went to different middle schools, but ended up going to the same High School. When Holly first got to High School Anna was a sophomore and Holly stalked her a lot. Holly knew that it was her, her long lost friend but Anna wasn't sure what to think so she avoided her for a long time. In the middle of Anna's sophomore year Anna finally puts her guard down and they become really good friends again. Holly is another friend that Anna has outside of Jenny and Ashley. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She constantly puts her hair into a Mohawk after Anna did it for her once and she loved it so much. She loves to draw and likes to write as well. Holly always writes about sad things, It's a reflection of how she feels inside. She has an older brother and one cool mom. Anna and Holly will often spend the weekend at a bowling alley, not bowling but just hanging out. 

Alaina: Alaina is Holly's best friend. She is very passive aggressive and Anna is often afraid of her. She dresses like a total goth and is a complete metal head. She plays the guitar and is is obsessed with photography. In Anna's mind Alaina is the bad ass in the background. Even though she isn't Anna's best friend Anna still finds a confidant with her. Her hair color constantly changes and she has brown eyes.  

David: David is Anna's romantic interest. They first met in middle school, but they always hung out with different people, so they never saw each other to often. Jenny liked him in middle school as well, but not to much ever came from it. Anna has a variety of classes with him, but she first started talking to him in math where he tutored her. He is very smart and makes Anna want to try in school, something no one else has been able to do. He is in all the advanced choirs, enjoys doing archery, he writes and draws. He has short black hair and brown eyes. In the later parts of the story Anna makes up a nickname for him that is purple mongoose. He doesn't like much of the popular music, instead he listens to classical music a lot. 

~Amanda Catherine

I always feel like I am leaving a lot of weird facts out about the characters so I decided to go into detail about them!

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