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Monday, August 10, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Judgmental Family

It's Holiday break and Anna finds herself shoved in a car for 19 hours with her parents, they were driving to see family. Most of her family she was OK with, but some she hated more than anything. They made dealing with her friends a piece of cake. Her parents and her always exchanged gifts before they left, to make traveling easier. (Not as much to pack) Her mom always got her a new CD that she would play on her CD player most of the way there. She always brought her huge pack of CD's but getting a new one was always exciting. This year her mom had gotten her Bon Jovi this year. Anna kept playing "Have a nice day" over and over in preparation of dealing with family. It never worked, but it gave her a little self confidence boost. They were still about 6 hours away stuck in the middle of Iowa, they was nothing there, nothing fun to look at. Bored out of her mind her and her mom play traveling connect 4 and hang man to make the time go faster. Her dad got annoyed by the beepy sounds from her electronics so everything had to be on mute, always, unless headphones were involved. But her and her mom always had fun anyways. 

They finally arrived and Anna walks out of the car, it was always so humid here so her hair felt like it almost immediately became a giant ball of curl and frizz. She walks up to her grandparents door and goes in, they were always so welcoming and their home was always so well decorated. It was even better at Christmas time. Anna loved coming here, but hated what came with it. Some of her family can be extremely judgmental, good thing she didn't have to see them for a few days. Her and her dad joked about messing with the family that always made fun of her. They had actually came up with some really good ideas. One of her favorites was since she dressed like a goth... or her version of a goth anyways. One of her friends had given her a pair of his huge pants that had buckles and chains on them. He had even hemmed them and made them shorter just for her, they became her favorite pants. Her family did not know that she dressed like this, so when they saw the bad side of her family she was going to come in rockin the crap outta them. That side of her family always made fun of people who dressed in them whenever they were out, so this would be a shocker! 

Today was the day and she gets her most favorite outfit on and walks out and into the car with the biggest smile on her face. She was beyond excited. It was about an hour away to get there so she was thinking of good one liners to say back to them once they said something. She had thought of some good ones. They pull up and she get a huge knot in her stomach and she wasn't sure if she could do this anymore. Her dad smiled at her in the rear view mirror and she took a breath and got out of the car and goes inside. This side of her family was very obsessed with her cousins. Her cousins were always better than her in every way. She always felt left out because ever since she was little they never let her hang out with them and this time was no different. Anna had two options, hang out with the cousins who ignored her pure presence or hang out with their parents who always talked about how much better they were than her. She choose option three, hang out alone in a corner with her CD player. It took a while but she got a tap on her foot and it was her 3 cousins and they said "What are you wearing? You look stupid" Anna ignores those nerves in her stomach and says "yeah, well at least I am different." They kicked her CD player and left. Trying to fix the skipping going on with her CD she hears her mom and dad talking with family. Her family kept saying to her parents how much better their kids were then her, as usual. But what made Anna really mad was that she was never given the chance to be herself there. She was always rejected by this side of the family. She couldn't help but start thinking what they kept saying about her..."she has no personality, she isn't pretty, she's not smart, she should just drop out of school and that there was nothing special about her." 

Wanting to talk to someone about she sends a text to Brian and they talk about how stupid her family is. He made her feel better, she couldn't have thanked him enough for that. He always had her back. At this point in time she still had 3 days left of visiting family. She felt like she could take whatever came at her, and she did. She decided to not let family members comments get to her, they did not really know her, so they had no right being so judgmental. She didn't shine like the brightest star but she was a star that was very dim in the background. She was coming into her own and learning how to ignore the things that do not matter. In doing this she was able to find somewhere that she belonged within her family. 
To be continued... <3 :)

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