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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Unforgettable (A Poem)

Look in the mirror,
what do you see? 
Every flaw,
Every imperfection
that society tells you to see.
You want to be unforgettable,
like poetry.
But the imagery doesn't fit. 

Walking along the street
what do the people see? 
Only how you appear on
the outside.
Disregarding what lies
Underneath every
unforgettable flaw.
Not knowing
that your story is what lies

My inspiration was cute is what we aim for "lyrical lies"

©Amanda Catherine 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Misfit (A Poem)

There are so 
many things in life
we can be.
The choices are

Many of us
get wrapped up
in what we think
we should be.
But miss one 
very important fact.

It's OK to be
the one that no one
The one that 
walks a different 
path then others.
No one person
is the same. 
That is why
I choose to be

©Amanda Catherine

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: The Family Vaca

Over Spring Break Anna finds herself  out of town visiting family. This not one her most favorite things to do, since she is the misfit of the family but it always makes things interesting. Her family has made arrangements to stay in the family trailer for the weekend. "Here's to getting eaten by mosquitoes" Anna thinks to herself, since the trailer is next to a lake. She packed up her suitcase for another move and gets in her grandparents' car. As they start to head out Anna gets a text from Remy and it reads "I'll see you later." Anna just stares at her phone in stunned silence. "Wait what?" She says, apparently her cousins had invited him to the lake since they are best friends with him. "Aw crap" Anna says to herself. "How in the heck is this going to work?" 

As they pull up to the trailer Anna looks around and it doesn't look like anyone else had arrived yet. Which is normal, her family is always late to everything. She hops out of her grandparents' car and looks around, she hasn't  been here in a while. She asks her grandma if the cute little coffee was still up the way as she points in the wrong direction. Her grandma grabs her arm and says "Yes" as she moves her arm in the right direction. "I'm going to go there in a little bit then once I get all my stuff out of the car" Anna says. Wanting to get away from there before the hoard arrives she rushes and grabs her stuff out of the car and quickly puts it inside. 

As she starts to head to the coffee shop she sees a red van heading in her direction. "Can I hide in a bush" she thinks to herself. She looks around and there are no bushes in sight. The van pulls up next to her and the passenger side window rolls down. "Well you look the same, still chunky" her aunt says. "I had hope you would loose some weight but there you are" she continues. "What do you want" Anna says. "Oh the boys want to hang out with you" she says as her two cousins and Remy pop out of the van. They drive off and Anna says "well I was going up the street to get a coffee, you guys wanna come with me? Everyone agreed and they all continued walking. "Well this couldn't get anymore awkward" Anna thinks as she tries to make small talk with them. "Boys are so complicated" Anna thinks to herself. 

They finally find their way to and from the coffee shop and are back at the trailer. It was just Anna a and Remy sitting outside by the water. To Anna's surprise they are actually having a decent conversation, Not about what had happened with them over text, but about music, life goals, and how crazy her family is. "This is nice" Anna says "I was expecting things to be awkward." "Well there is still time for that" Remy says. "Oh yeah, things always get weird" Anna says.

 It  starts to get later in the night and everyone has passed out on their make shift beds but Anna and Remy are still up. They sat next to each other in a corner in the darkness with only their phones for light. The moment is perfect, Anna wishes that it never ends. Each of them have different stories but they were all so similar. Over text it is hard to realize that people are people but in the middle of nowhere in the dark you can really get to know someone for them and not what we perceive them to be. Anna is starting to get really attached to him. He is the only friend she has that doesn't have clouded judgments of her or her past. She knew that this was going to end bad, but her emotions started to cloud over her again. 

©Amanda Catherine

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Impostor (A Poem)

I am not ok
I never really was.
That girl you see laughing
Is an impostor
of what I never became.
Will anyone
get to see the real me?
I’ve become what I
never wanted to be.
My life is filled with
silence and regrets,
some of which I can
never forget.
Those distant memories
are lost in the
words of tomorrow
like snow, covered by sorrow.
My life is a vacant memory
of never being the real me
It’s time for a new beginning,
one good enough for all to see.
©Amanda Catherine

Monday, June 20, 2016

Dear Society (A Poem)

Dear Society,
According you
I'm fat,
A child left behind
covered in flaws. 

We don't live
We survive.
We're on a streak 
of surviving in poverty.
Convinced this
is what we deserve.

Dear Society,
I don't blame you.
Even more 
I don't expect
you to change.

You're the one
covered in flaws.
The reasons why
we're left behind.
Why when we look
in the mirror and 
don't fit your standards
so we often hate ourselves. 

©Amanda Catherine

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tornado (A Poem)

Flashes of light
in my sight.
Wind pours over me
The rain and hail
have just begun.

My life flashes
Before my eyes,
I run toward where
everyone cries.

Grabbing my belongings
only the most special,
the rest must get left behind.
Maybe I can replace them someday.

The windows shatter
the roof begins to
The wind begins
to pull me away from everything
I know.

My last chance,
I jump into the storm shelter.
My friends and family
wait for me.
Nothing left to do,
but wait and
hope for the best,
So I can get back to
the life I know.

©Amanda Catherine

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Darkness forms a new light (A Poem)

Heavenly clouds gaze over
like the memories of
not long ago.
The darkness forms a new light.
Shooting stars fly from
the midnight sky.
An orange glow begins to appear
the sun will surround you.
Bring on the new day.
Forget the moments of yesterday
let a new day wash over you.


Monday, June 6, 2016

When I light this candle (A Poem)

I light a candle for you

for all the daydreams and emotions

I have of looking in your eyes

and you looking into mine.

This love could be everything but untrue.

Even though we’ve been together so long,

our love it seems oh so new.

This candle I have, is for

all the dreams I keep of you.

Kissing in the rain

is all I want to do.

Our hearts are full of the love we have,

for each other.

How could you not be

the one for me?

The flame of this candle is us,

for all the slow dances we shared together

upon the dark mid-night sky.

As you get on one knee

as my heart starts pounding,

as my heart starts racing,

You say those four words.

“Will you marry me?”

Stuttering, I could only say,

“I love you”

I hold this candle as

I walk down the aisle,

realizing there is nothing else

I want to do.

I accept this ring

and give my hand-written vow

of the love that I have,

for only you.

I blow out this candle

knowing our love will grow,

with every drip of wax,

that falls.

©Amanda Catherine 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ecstasy (A Poem)

Don’t wake me

I’m dreaming of your face
lost in the wonder
I’ll never trace.
Don’t wake me
I’m living my dreams,
Dreams where it’s just you and me
where love is our only form of ecstasy.
Don’t wake me
I’m flying high
soaring above the skyline.
Alone with my thoughts,
that always remember you.

©Amanda Catherine