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Monday, August 3, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Truth or Dare

Anna gets of the bus and starts her walk home, she had the joy in knowing that school didn't let out for another hour or so. On her way home she enjoyed looking at all the pretty clouds and making friends with peoples' random dogs. She volunteered with animals at a local vet hospital so playing with dogs became second nature to her. She heads up to front door and goes inside, her parents worked a lot so they were never home until late sometimes. No siblings either, it was always just her and the dogs. Normally she would make a snack of some sort when she got home from school but she was still so shook up over everything so she did not, she just stared at the clock and watched time get closer and closer to school letting out. She looked at her phone and said "well crap" because school had just let out. Jenny called her first, the conversation was anything but nice. She kept accusing Anna of things she did not do, like have sex with Wyatt, make out with Lincoln...(eeewww), and that she was pregnant, because that was the only reason why she would have left school early. As Anna is trying to explain to her that this was all just in her head while saying sorry about everything she gets at text from Ashley that says "YOU MADE OUT WITH MY BROTHER! How could you!" Anna responds with "uuhhhh check your resources" and continues arguing with Jenny. Jenny would not let it go that she thought that Anna was pregnant with Wyatt's baby now. It was because of this that Anna gets the brilliant idea of asking Jenny if she was pregnant with Wyatt's baby and that's why she was blaming Anna. Jenny then hung up on her. It wasn't the nicest thing that Anna could have done but honestly no one, besides 3 people, were being nice to her lately. Another text from Ashley pops up on Anna phone and her jaw drops..."My resource is LINCOLN" it reads. WHAT! Anna screams. Fed up she rides her bike over to Ashley's and confronts Lincoln about this nonsense. Lincoln opens up the door and says "oh hey I've been expecting you", he continues talking as he walks over to the sofa and invites Anna to sit, She refused to sit as Lincoln keeps talking. Apparently he told Ashley, Jenny that they made out because he wanted his friends to think he was a ladies man. He was anything but a ladies man that's for sure. Anna heads for the door since Ashley will be home soon and says to Anna "You know I have a condom in my wallet, ya interested." She rolls her eyes and continues leaving, at this point in time she did not feel safe with him. He says "well if that's how you are going to be, it isn't a question anymore" and tries to stop Anna. Her message was not coming across that she wasn't interested apparently so she knees him and runs. She knows the neighborhood well so she knew exactly where to go to where he wouldn't see her. After she hangs out there for a while she leaves and makes it safely home.

The next day at school the rumors were finally dying down. It wasn't the most pleasant day, but it was tolerable. She reaches her last class of the day which is guitar. Normally this class would be a bunch of people learning the latest hit song on the guitar but this day was different. Her and her friends had there own room where they practiced the guitar, They were even able to decorate it with pictures of themselves. They were all alone in the room and someone yells out "we should play truth or dare!" Everyone wanted to blow off some steam so hey this sounded fantastic! There was 7 of them in the room, 3 guys and 4 girls. All the dares and truths were really easy nothing to awful, until someone dares Anna and Brian to kiss. At this point in time Anna had never even been kissed before so the thought of it happening in a truth or dare game was a little unsettling. But she figured that it was Brian so nothing to weird would happen, they had one of the better relationships then her and most of her friends so she went for it. "Of course it has to be dark and after lunch" Anna thinks to herself as she stands there super twitchy waiting for it to happen. "At least I just had a bag of chips for lunch and not pizza, otherwise there would be some bad pizza burps up in h...". Anna wasn't even able to finish being awkward when Brian plants a kiss on her that turns into full on making out. It was a little awkward but Anna didn't regret Brian being her first kiss. At least she trusted him and it was consensual. "DING DING" it was the end of school, Anna grabs her guitar to take home since it was the weekend and heads out the door. Brian follows her and says "Hey, I was going to go get the new Disturbed CD that came out, ya wanna go?" Of course she did, it beats going home to an empty house and she gets to ride in his car. They head to Sam Goody and they both end up getting the CD. She had a great time, they both new it wasn't a date it was just a mutual friendship that was based around music.

To be continued...<3 :)

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