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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Making New Friends!

With Jenny and Ashley preoccupied hanging out with their boyfriends Anna decided to take this as an opportunity to try and pull away from them. She didn't want to rely on them as much for friendship. Anna started to hang out more with Holly and Alaina. She didn't realize how much they all had in common. They all didn't get along with their parents, they were rejects and never tried to be over achievers in school, only doing enough work to barely pass. It was funny, they were a good and bad influences on Anna, the more she hung out with them the more she ditched class but she felt more accepted. Which made her feel more confident with in herself. When they hung out they would often go to bowling alleys, not to bowl but to mingle with the staff that worked there. Anna and Holly often went to the bowling alley on Friday nights because her mom was in a bowling league. This made them become friends with the staff since they were all around the same age. They were all even friends on MySpace. With them making friends together Anna was starting to realize how friends were supposed to treat each other. Ashley and Jenny always treated Anna like she was their enemy. She never quite got why, but she was starting to see why more and more. 

Most of her friends didn't know this but her dad was emotionally abusive so Anna always thought bad about herself because that is what she was always told. This made Anna always think that everyone was better than her, especially Ashley and Jenny. So when they all became friends Anna became easy to manipulate into whatever Jenny wanted her to be. With Anna starting to realize this she didn't want anything to do with her. 

Anna got home one night and sat down and read though all of her recently written poems. It was amazing to her how many of them were about Jenny and how she always made her feel bad. What was even more amazing to her was how she never questioned it until now. Anna could hear her dad yelling in the living room about something stupid again. She could hear her mom leave so she took that as an opportunity to lock her bedroom door. Her dad never came into her room, but she felt safer with it locked. She sat back down on her bed and read through more of her writings. She didn't know how to handle it, but she knew she had to figure out a way. Good thing she was starting to make some amazing new friends to help guide her along the way. 

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