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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: The Introduction

This is the story of a girl and all her friends, not the were going to be best friends forever kind but the truthful kind. You see as much as people believe friendships last, they don't. People grow, drift apart and well, just end up doing different things. But that doesn't mean they can't get into trouble while they are young, adventurous and all still friends...

One day, Anna, was sitting at the table and noticed a young girl sitting at a lunch table all alone and to her this was unusual, normally everyone was sitting in their cliques. She went over and started talking to the girl named Ashley. She started telling Anna about how she was new to the school and did not have any friends. Once they got really talking they realized all that they had in common, that's when Anna decided to take her under her wing and show her the ropes of High School and introduce her to all of her friends. A mistake that Anna will later regret, but we will talk more on that later. Ashley invited Anna over to her house after school to play the guitar since that is one thing that they realized they had in common. Anna enthusiastically agrees that they should hang out after school, honestly anything to get her away from all of her other friends was exciting to her, Her other friends were not that nice to her. 

Anna gets home from school and decides to make a snack and then head down to Ashley's house since they also ironically lived really close to each other. Making her frozen burrito she thinks to herself I wounder what song we will play on the guitar? Will she like me? Will we be BFF'S? She ignores those thoughts since they never seem to end and eats at the dinner table petting her dogs and talking to them about life. Once she finishes she cleans up and then hops on her bike and heads down to Ashley's. She thought she had the right house but of course ends up getting lost, and at this point in time they had not exchanged numbers so it was her best guess as to which house was hers. Good thing she was very confident and just asked the neighbors if anyone had moved into a house in this part of the neighborhood recently... and that lead her to Ashley's house. It seemed really nice on the outside, it was a purple house with a big front and backyard. The backyard lead out to a rec-center which was fun. Anna started thinking about all the fun they could have and heads up the door. "Ding Dong", "Ding Dong". Ashley comes up to the door and opens it and lets her in. They engage in small talk for a while and talk about school, animals, music and their weird teachers. They found out that they were both sophomores. All was going well until her brother, Lincoln, saw Anna and came out into the family room where they were and it all went down hill from there...

...To be Continued :)  

©Amanda Catherine

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