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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Friends Becoming Friends

As Lincoln approached Anna many thought began to go through her head, "Why was he coming over here?", "Why is he looking at me?". Ashley didn't even seem to notice, or maybe this was just common for him to do. Anna and Ashley had fun that day and they grew into best friends but that means that Anna was around Lincoln a lot more.

Since Anna and Ashley were such good friends that meant that she had to introduce her to all of her other friends that she made in school over the years. Sadly, of all the friends of hers that Ashley connected to the most was her least favorite. Her name was Jenny. Jenny was the meanest to Anna, she constantly criticized how she dressed, how she was a bigger pant size than her and how she had acne. Honestly Anna wondered why she still hung around her, but that is besides the point. Once everyone became close, Ashley's house became the prime time hang out place.

The more Anna was over at Ashley's the more complicated things go with Lincoln. They got left alone a lot because Ashley and Jenny kept dis-including her from the group. Lincoln was growing really fond of her, and then the weirdest thing happened. Lincoln started touching her in all the wrong places. They would sit on the sofa together and while they were alone and he would put his hand up her shirt. At first Anna thought that this was just the way that guys showed that they liked you but she really didn't like it. She kept thinking maybe the further she distanced herself from him the better it might get and the more he may leave her alone.

But that didn't work, it just got worse.

To be continued...

©Amanda Catherine
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