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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Little Scars: Chapter Two: Escape

Her mom is shoving her out the door, hoping no one sees them. Ava didn't know what to think, she kept hearing her mom mumble "what did I do. this is all my fault" over and over. This was not very reassuring to Ava's own mental stability. They start to run for the door when they are stopped by a nurse asking them if everything was OK. Not knowing what to say, they don't say anything and keep running,  at least to the best of Ava's capabilities. This was not the easiest thing for her as the whole hospital seemed to be spinning.  Constant bumps into walls and people is inevitable for her which made them way more noticeable. Once they get by the door that leads outside, Ava's doctor comes out of a room and looks toward them, they try to duck by a near by hospital bed but it was useless, he noticed them. He walks over to talk to them but he didn't know that his mom knew what he was trying to do. He wanted to get back at Ava's mom because of a past breakup. They try to keep their cool, but he starts shoving them back to Ava's room. They try to get around him but he gets close enough to Ava and reaches into his pocket and pulls out a syringe and needle with some sort of white liquid in it. Her mom tries to tackle the doctor but falls to the ground as he jabs the syringe into Ava's side. With no where to go now her mom crawls to Ava on the floor and starts crying. Knowing that no one would help them she stays on the floor with Ava and puts her head in her lap rocking her back and forth. 

"How could you do this, you monster!" Her mom yells at him. "What kind of person are you!" All he does is laugh and walks away. It is becoming more obvious that this was an inside job. Her mom keeps insisting that they need to leave, but no one would allow them to leave in the state that Ava is in. Starring at all the commotion of the ward she takes her chance when she thinks no one is looking and puts Ava in a wheel chair sitting in the hallway from an earlier patient and runs, runs as fast as she can through the door before anyone can catch her. Not looking back but hearing everyone yelling at her to stop she continues and runs to their car that is parked a few blocks away. Once she gets the car she doesn't even think, she puts Ava in the backseat and starts the car and looks in the mirror to see all the staff running toward the car. "They are at least a block away" she thinks to herself. Putting the car in drive she leaves and speeds off as fast as she can. All that matters is getting Ava to safety. Once she hits the highway she doesn't know where to go, so she keeps driving not caring what direction she is going. The further away she was the better. 

Eventually she had to stop, she had been driving for hours and her eyes are starting to glaze over. Deciding to find a hotel room she exits the highway and goes to the furthest hotel from the highway, not wanting to take chances. As she pulls into the hotel parking lot and walks inside she finds an unsuspected person who she did not want to see. 

©Amanda Catherine

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