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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: An Unexpected Turn of Events

As Anna looked up at Mr. Jones as she wonders if he is actually worth trusting. Everyone else had made her skeptical on trusting anyone lately. She couldn't hold back her tears for very long,  a few seconds go by and she bursts into tears. There were not enough tissues to handle all her tears. She tells him everything that was going on, about Lincoln, about Greg, about her home life and about all the rumors and how they were not true. She was surprised that he could understand her through all of her sobs. Mr. Jones takes a seat at his desk and says "so is this why your grades are either D's or F's in all of your classes." As she hesitantly nods as he picks up the phone and calls her adviser and tells him what she had just told him. It was only a few minutes until she was shoved into a room with all the advisers and Mr. Jones. They question her about everything, but there main focus was seeing if she wanted to drop out. They were concerned that her grades had fallen so much, that she couldn't come back from it. Anna refused to talk to them about it. The only thing she knew was that she did not want to drop out. It took her advisers a while to figure out what to do with her, it was like she was a nuisance at the school and they didn't want to deal with her anymore. This was a common feeling she was getting from everyone lately. The finally decide to let her last few homework assignments and papers not count, this would raise her failing grades to C's, but if her grades slipped again she would be looking at more serious consequences. Anna agrees just so she could leave. Mr Jones walks her out and says "if you need to take a few days and not go to my class because of Greg that is fine, it will be our little secret." She nods and smiles, this was the first time in a while someone was being nice to her, it was odd, but she wasn't going to argue with it.

For the next few days she was really trying to get her act together and not let her friends bother her. School had to become a priority. That was until Ashley approached Anna on the bus and asked her if she was still interested in making up a dance for the talent show. Anna's first instinct should have been no, but instead she said "I guess, if I have time." Ashley excitedly goes back to her seat and pulls out her phone like she is texting Jenny about it. Anna starts to think that maybe everything was finally starting to calm down, or at least she hopped. She felt her phone buzz in her pocket as she pulled it out she saw it was from Ashley, it read "hey girlie, we are going to practice for the talent show tonight at my place if you want to stop by." She puts her phone back in her pocket and does not respond. If she goes over there that means that she would have to deal with Lincoln and their awful mother.

When Anna's parents get home from work and she tells her mom what is going on and she encourages her to go over to Ashley's house. "You never know until you try" her mother told her. Taking her advice Anna hops on her bike and heads down to Ashley's house and goes the long way of course. About 15 minutes later she finds herself on Ashley's front door step, and knocks on the door, Lincoln answers. Anna wasn't sure why she said "hey douche bag" as soon as she looked at him, but she did find it hilarious, She walks in and Ashley and Jenny are trying to figure out a part of the song on the guitar that she had already mastered. Laughing quietly to herself she walks past them trying to find a place to set up to attempt to choreograph and dance, somewhere with enough room for lots of hand and leg movement, as well as turns. She finds a place next to the kitchen, gets her music all set up and begins. It was going well until Jenny looks at her and says "that's the best you can come up with?" Acting like she can't hear her, Anna continues. She realizes that Lincoln was staring at her from across the room and it was starting to make her uncomfortable. She stops to take a break as Lincoln approaches her. Still hoping for an apology Anna decides to talk to him. It was the most awkward conversation she had ever had, he obviously did not know what to say to her. It ended with her just walking away, but as she is walking she felt Lincoln grab her shoulder and pull her back. As she is hurling backwards she closes her eyes because she did not want to see what was going to happen next. When she finally opened them she was on the floor and Lincoln was about 6 inches away from her face. Giving up on ever having anything good happen to her she just lays there, not knowing what to expect. Looking left and right she was trying to figure out what was going on. Lincoln gets his face even closer to hers and then kisses her, a full on lip kiss. Anna laid there with her eyes wide open while this was going on. She tried to get up but finds herself being pushed back down. Lincoln kept kissing her. She didn't understand why he was doing this, she obviously didn't like it, but that had never stopped him before. Trying to think of something to do she decides to spit on him and quickly get up. As she is getting up he tries to pin her against the wall, she ducts and runs into the living room, where everyone was. She grabs her stuff and heads for the door screaming at Ashley, "I don't think this is a good idea anymore."

To be continued... <3
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