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Friday, August 7, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: A Summary of Current Events

Hello everyone, it's Amanda (Anna) here. I thought that since I post everyday I would make a summary of everything going on, since it can be a little hard to follow. I hope that this helps everyone. Don't forget to check out the other posts for a more in depth version! 
With Love and Butterflies 
Amanda (Anna) 

In the beginning of the story we meet Anna a young girl who is a sophomore in High School. She doesn't have to many problems. She has a decent set of friends, they have their issues but they always figure it out. One day Anna sees a new girl at school sitting alone at lunch and goes over and talks to her. Her name is Ashley, she just moved to town from Kansas. Anna quickly befriends Ashley because they have so much in common. All seemed perfect until Anna is introduced to Ashley's brother Lincoln. At first Anna thinks that Lincoln is kinda cute, and seems nice. But as the story goes she learns that he is obsessed with her and constantly sexually assaults her when no one is looking. Anna, being the shy and timid girl that she is never knows how to handle it. She believes that this is men must show affection, until it gets worse and gets her in serious trouble, Leading her to have to apologize to Lincoln, (how messed up right) because his mother believes that Anna is ruining a football scholarship for him. While this is going on her long time friend named Jenny keeps spreading rumors about her. Rumors that imply that Anna is a slut, that she sleeps with guys and then says that they rapped her and that she is pregnant with Wyatt's baby. Wyatt is a guy that Anna meets at a sleepover who she really hits it off with and ends up having a crush on. He also ends up becoming Jenny's boyfriend later in the story. Jenny, to keeps up the rumor mill going and gives on of her friends named Greg Anna's number. Greg ends up harassing Anna over text for quite a while. This eventually ends up in her not going to her classes with the hopes of avoiding him and everyone else that keeps calling her a slut. 

Anna has a set of side friends that hang out under the crazy tree, they are also druggies. But they are who she fits in best with. There names are Donna, Holly and Alaina. They are who she confides to a lot and they always tell her what new rumor is being spread about her now. She also has another good friend named Brian, he is 2 years older than her but he always has her back. In one story segment Anna has slut written all over her locker and he is the one that scrubs it off for her. Brian also ends up being her first kiss in a game of truth or dare in guitar class. Anna and Brian are such good friends because they have the same interest in music and he often teaches her songs on the guitar. They spend a decent amount of time together after school at Sam Goody shopping for Cd's. Their relationship will grow more as the story goes on.

In a more recent post we discover that Anna's grades are bad, really bad. This leads to her being confronted by her adviser who is asking her if she had ever considered dropping out. To emotional by the whole situation she leaves school and finds Wyatt and Lincoln outside. They do not go to her school but she found out while in the advisers office that they would be going to her school next semester. While outside she is almost attacked by Lincoln while Wyatt was distracted by making out with Jenny. Her favorite teacher Mr. Jones sees this happen and intervenes, thank goodness. He drags Anna up to his classroom and tells her that she cannot hide anymore making her tell him everything. She finally breaks down and finds herself in a room with about 7 different counselors and advisers. Since Anna refused to drop out they came to a decision that made her failing grades into C's. School had to come priority for her so she tries to dis-include herself from her bad friends. This doesn't last more than a few days. She finds herself back at Ashley's house to rehearse for a Talent Show that she had previously agreed to. While there she was hoping for an apology from Lincoln and confronts him, when doing this she ends up on the floor with him trying to kiss her and succeeding, On the floor Anna has a breakdown moment and flashes back to all of her previous encounters with him. She eventually finds the courage and spits in his face to distract him while she raced to get off the floor. She runs to the front door and tells Ashley and Jenny that she can no longer do this anymore. At this moment Anna realizes what she keeps putting herself through and no longer wants to deal with it. She has never felt more alone. 

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