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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Anna Gets Suspended!

While Anna runs for the door she runs into a corner and ends up on the floor. Ashley and Jenny run over to help her but by the time they get to her, she is already up and running, just like the energizer bunny. She hops on her bike to head home but makes a pit stop at a park that was close by to gather her thoughts. She sits on a swing and sways back and forth putting her feet in the wood chips. For once she felt at peace, like there was no one to please but herself. She had her headphones in blasting "Only One" By Yellowcard, the lyrics in this song really spoke to her. She still felt alone, but she was OK with that. Friends or no friends she just wanted to feel accepted for who she was. She makes her way home and heads to bed but doesn't sleep. She really needed to get caught up on all her missing assignments. A lot of them were math, her least favorite subject. She already had to repeat Geometry 3 times. The advisers told her if she doesn't pass this semester that would put her in summer school, but that really didn't sound to bad to her. 

Anna woke up covered in Geometry papers, she fell asleep doing her homework and was running late. She grabs her things, puts on the one half way decent outfit she can find and heads for the door. Arriving at school, she was approached by an adviser that said her shirt was to exposing, so she had to change. She was just in a T-shirt and jeans, so she refused. It didn't help that a girl had just walked past her in a vest with cleavage galore, that made Anna feel like she was being picked on by the adviser. She walks away from the adviser and he follows her. She looks at him and says "You need to fuck off and leave me alone, my outfit is fine." He orders her to go to his office, she didn't care. What else did she have to loose? She walks into his office and sits in the chair super sloppy and almost pouty looking. When he walks in he says "You need to apologize to me for what you said." Rolling her eyes she says "I'll apologize when you apologize. So never." Anna became so mouthy with this adviser that she got her mother called in.Again, not the worst thing to have happen. When her mom walks in, she seemed mad. But she was more mad at the adviser for calling her in over something so silly. The adviser came to the conclusion of either Anna apologized or got suspended for 3 days... meaning that would not be allowed on school property for 72 hours and if she was caught on the property, she would be immediately escorted off. So she got suspended! And she didn't regret a single thing from it. That just meant that she got one super long weekend! Anna and her mom were just worried about what her dad would say. They decided to not tell him about it. Anna would just get up and act like she was going to school until he left and then she could go back to bed. This sounded fantastic! 

After her long weekend she finds herself back at school in the same exact outfit, on accident. She was trying to avoid the adviser to see if he would even notice. It took a while but he did eventually come up to her. As soon as she saw him she took off her backpack threw it at Donna and ran. Her school was in a neighborhood that had a lot of houses and a really big park. She ran straight for the houses, more bushes. While hiding in the bushes she heard a car pull up to the stop sign. It was the campus police, on the radio there was a description of her. Tall blonde girl in a blue top that had buttons going up half of it, brown sneakers and faded blue jeans. She looks at her shirt and thinks, "I kinda forgot that this shirt was reversible." She flips her shirt around while in the bushes and walks past campus police and strolls her way back into school. No one even questioned her, honestly it made her question how much attention to detail the campus police had. She wasn't going to argue with it. At lunch she sees the adviser that she ran from and he looked at her and nodded. She didn't quite get what this meant but she nodded back. He later came over and said "I'm glad your OK." This stopped her mid step, did she just get away with running from the campus police... Yes... or was it a misunderstanding?  

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