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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Getting Banned From Hobby Lobby

A week had passed from the mosh pit incident, Anna had gotten a huge bruise on her back from it, but it was slowly healing.  It was the weekend, or the stinkin weekend as Anna called it. Anna gets a call from Jenny, she sounds in frazzled and like she was in a really serious situation. As Anna starts to ask her what is going on, she hears Jenny yell, "yeah well you're a stupid bitch!." After some arguing between Jenny and this new mystery girl Anna finds out that Jenny was at Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby is where her old boyfriend worked. so it was all starting to make sense to her. She probably went there to confront him and it turned bad. She hurries over there, so she turns off her Sponge-bob marathon and gets on her bike and heads over. Hobby Lobby is about a 10 minute bike ride from her house, so not to far. Not following the bike rules Anna runs a few stop signs and cuts through traffic, it was dangerous, but she got there in no time at all. She locks her bike up next to Jenny's and heads inside the store. She could hear yelling, it sounded like it was coming all the way from the back of the store. She started walking but couldn't help glancing at some cool craft supplies on her way back. She cold tell that she was getting closer, they were right in front of the bathroom, next to the fake flowers. Anna approaches Jenny and asks her what is going on. Jenny explains as she is still yelling, apparently, her old boyfriend had gotten a girl pregnant. But this girl was already 5 months along, which meant they hooked up while Jenny and him were dating. Anna could see how Jenny would be mad, but she was with Wyatt now, so it shouldn't be as big of a deal as she was making it to seem.  Anna tries calming Jenny down, it was going well until her old boyfriend started to pick a fight Anna. He kept saying how fat and ugly Anna was and that is why no guy liked her. She didn't really care that her thought this, he was obviously a jerk. Anna was doing good holding her cool until he told her "I know how you lie about guys, ya know like with Lincoln, so you say these things about Wyatt and about how nice of a guy he is, but how can Jenny believe you?

When someone who had no clue about the situation with her, Lincoln and Wyatt started accusing her of lying just because of hear say Anna lost any patience she had left. She walked up to him and said "You're a lying bastard, you can't be trusted and you obviously have no sense of compassion for anything otherwise you wouldn't be such an ass wipe." He started to get ready to spit on Anna and she lost control. she kicked him square in the nuts before he could do anything. It may have not been the right thing to do or say at the time but this was the first time Anna had lost control this much. As she looked at the guy on the ground she felt a sense of confidence, she did just beat someone up, kind of, in her own Anna way. And as the Hobby Lobby security guard, since they have those apparently, took her to the back she couldn't help but smile a little. She could feel her hair blow from all the fans in their conference room she looks up and sees the manager of this Hobby Lobby location. He sighs and says that if Anna never came back to the store they wouldn't press charges against her. They still had to call her parents, but that wasn't her worry. Her dad was home and he would think this was hilarious. The manager leaves the room to go call her parents and Jenny looks at her phone, she had a text from Jenny. The text read, "I can't believe you did that lady, it was kinda awesome." Anna replies back with a ;) and an lol. She shoves her phone under her leg when she head the manager come back in. He says, "your dad will be here soon to pick you up, does he always laugh that much?" Anna smiles and says "only when I kick guys in the nuts I guess." He shakes his head and says "kids these days I tell ya." Anna pulls out her phone to play her newly downloaded Tetris game as her dad walks in, still laughing. Anna was finally released to her dad and they load her bike into his truck bed. Her dad looks at her and says "just when I thought you couldn't do anything weirder, you go and get banned from Hobby Lobby, you know mom is going to be mad at you. She loves getting craft supplies from there." Anna says "I guess we'll have to go to Michael's."

Anna gets home from her Hobby Lobby adventure and decides to call Jenny really quick just to see how she is. Jenny answers and they talk about what happened. Jenny said sorry for all the rumors about Lincoln and Wyatt. Does this mean that she was starting to believe Anna? Or does just believe her because the timing was right. Anna didn't care, an apology was an apology even if Jenny didn't mean it or mean it for very long. 

To be continued..<3 :) 
Yes I am still banned from Hobby Lobby. <3
Love an butterflies 

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