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Monday, August 17, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Underage Public Drinking

Even though Anna was still friends with Jenny and Ashley and dealing with their drama that didn't mean that she couldn't hang with some other friends. But it does mean she should be more choosy with the friends that she does hang out with. It was a cold and brisk day in the lovely state of Colorado and Anna is out in downtown Denver with some friends, Anna loves the cold, but being outside this long was making all of her numb. She was out with Tina (from her biology class) and some of her friends. Not the greatest people to hang out with since they like to get in a lot of trouble but it made life more interesting! Tina and her friends liked going into random stores and while Anna was looking around they would steal. Often times they would put earrings and necklaces that were for sale on and walk out. Sometimes they would use Anna as a distraction. Anna didn't know they were doing this to her, so she just played along. They always used her as a distraction when they changed their clothes in the store to new clothes that were for sale. When Anna asked them what happened to their old clothes they would always laugh at her. Nervously she laughed along. 

Anna couldn't get over how freezing she was, that's when one of Tina's friends said "I have some alcohol in this Pepsi bottle that I mixed together before we left. That should warm you up." Anna is reluctant at first but wanted to seem "cool" so she decided to take him up on his offer. This was probably the worst thing she could have done. She had only tasted alcohol a few times before, so she didn't know what to expect. When she took that first sip she was grossed out, because it was mixed with so many different things. But as she kept drinking it it got better, either that or it was the placebo effect. She didn't care, for once she was out in public, drinking with the cool kids. (at least who she thought to be the cool kids) As she kept drinking it burned as it went down but it did make her a tad bit warmer. She gave the bottle back to the guy, he looks at it and says "you drank so much, are you ok?" Anna looks at him and as her vision gets blurry, she blinks a few times and shakes her head and says "I feel fine." He leans into Tina and says "I don't think your friend is going to be able to handle her liquor." Tina replies "that's OK, we can ditch her if it gets to bad." Anna, only being slightly buzzed was confused, why would Tina want to ditch her? Wasn't she her friend?" 

As they are finally leaving downtown, they get on the light rail and don't pay of course. Sitting in her seat she Anna wonders what is going on. Tina and her friend both were acting very suspicious. They get off early because Tina's friend wanted to go a refill his Pepsi bottle with more alcohol. As they are walking up to his house, Anna isn't very buzzed anymore and has more of an idea what is going on. They get into his house and he heads to his parents liquor cabinet and pulls out whatever he can find and pours it in. It looked like he was dumping in a ton of hard liquor. Anna looks at the concoction and thinks to herself "Well I guess that's why I burned going down so much." Anna goes up to Tina who is standing in the family room and asks her if they can leave. Anna didn't like being here. Tina looks back her annoyed and says "we will leave when we are ready, geeze!" Anna immediately backs off and tries to think the way they took to get from the light rail to here. Thinking she figured it out, she heads for the door, but then realizes that they are in a really bad part of town and runs back inside. I guess I'm stuck here she says and she plops down on the closest chair. 

Finally Tina and her friend were ready, she could leave with someone to make the neighborhood not so scary. They finally make it back to the light rail, it's a good thing she didn't try to go out by herself. It was a long ways back to the light rail and they ran into a lot of shady people along the way. A ton of men were trying to hit on her and she kept getting called a "white whore". She didn't know what they meant by that so she just smiled and kept walking. They were all finally on the train and Anna stayed on till her stop. Tina and her friend got off, but after everything Anna didn't want to take any part of whatever they were doing next. Anna was finally back to a familiar neighborhood and took the bus the rest of the way home. On the bus she got a text from Tina that said "Sorry about everything, you did the right thing and went home even if that made you lame." Anna replied back "Thanks, I'd rather be lame then caught up in that crapfest." 

To be Continued...<3 

Don't fall for peer pressure kids! 
With Love and Butterflies! 

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