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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Valentines Dance Disaster

It was getting close to Valentines Day, Anna could tell because everyone in school was pairing off just to feel special. Anna hates this time of the year because she never has anyone to celebrate it with. Not to mention, this year was even worse because all of her friends had dates to the dance, so they all couldn't rock it all going solo together. Anna really wasn't sure if she wanted to go yet, it seemed like a bad idea to go. While she was deciding to go, her family had some family visiting. It was a nice distraction, but they did convince Anna to go. Anna and her mom head out to find the perfect dress for her to walk into the dance in. Something that accented her natural curves and her pretty eyes. They do end up finding one at Dillard's, and it was even better because it was in the clearance rack! It had all sorts of blues in it as well as an accenting waist line and flowers on the bottom half. It was perfect! They kept shopping to find some fun accessories to go with it. Anna also needed a new bra, so it was nice to have her mom with to go shopping for everything. 

It was the day of the dance and all of her friends had planned to go out to dinner before, but she was no invited because she wasn't in a couple. Lincoln offered to go with her, but that was worst than going alone, so Anna turned him down. Honestly Anna was hoping that David would be there going solo as well. If that happened it wouldn't make the dance not so bad and she would have someone to share a possible slow dance with. Since she was meeting everyone there it gave her more time to get ready. She made sure her make-up and hair were on point, or on point as she knew how to do them. Anna had never been shown how to properly do make-up, she learned everything from magazines and sometimes those articles can be a bit sketchy. She did the best she could though. She hopes in the car since her mom had to drop her off. On the way there they had a deep conversation on what to do if something went wrong since that was a high possibility. It didn't matter what plan they came up with, if something went bad Anna's plan was to get out of there as fast as possible and call her mom to come get her. They arrive and Anna gets out of the car and of course trips on her half-inch heals. After she brushes herself off her mom leaves and she walks to the door. When she gets in she stares at the decorations, the theme was "under the sea" and Anna loved everything about this theme. It was hard to believe that it was the same school hallways. She eventually makes her way back to the gymnasium where all her friends are. They were all taking couple pictures in funny poses. She waves at them to let them know that she was there. They wave back and Anna kept walking, just seeing who all was there. She did see David but he was with a date. This made Anna stomach fill up with anger and butterflies, after there conversation she thought that he liked her. But know she was having doubts. Since they plan was to hang out with David she didn't know what to do anymore.

She wanders through the gym alone while all her friends dance with there dates to Savage Gardens "Truly Madly Deeply". There were no place to sit so she finds a place on the floor, in the corner. Her friends come up to her and talk to her for a split second until the next slow song came on. Anna really wanted to dance, but was always to embarrassed to do it alone. Dancing with another person makes you seem like not such a loser. Still sitting in the corner she can everything that is going on. She could see David dancing with his date and how he looked at her. She saw Jenny and her date constantly get into fights. She could see all the other girls that went solo grinding on each other, not giving a fuck who was looking, Anna wished she could be like that minus the grinding part. The dance goes on and Anna goes up to get a glass of punch, that's when everything turned terrible. Someone that Anna barely even knew came up to her and said "well, well, well, I guess you are going solo again, since you are the ugliest girl in school." Even though Anna thought she was the ugliest girl in school, she kept thinking of other people who were uglier than her, just to make herself feel better. She ignores the girl and goes on with her mediocre dance experience, but of course with Anna and her luck the girl would not leave Anna alone. This girl had Anna questioning everything, her dress choice, her appearance, her weight and her feet for some reason. She got into Anna's head and Anna didn't know how to get her out. She tried going up to her friends to talk to them about it but they all ignored her. They were to distracted having a way better experience that she was having. That's when Mr. Jones, Anna's guitar teacher comes up to her since he was chaperoning and says "You don't look so good....are you OK?" At this point in time, Anna only knew how to run away from her problems. She looks at Mr. Jones with tear filled eyes and runs out of the dance. As she was running out of the dance she could see everyone looking at her. She didn't care, they could say what they wanted, she just really wanted to leave the building. 

Anna makes it outside after some pushing threw people and falls to the curb. She could hear someone walking up behind her and it was Mr. Jones. He sits next to her an says "I don't know what is going on, but I guarantee that whatever people are saying is not true and you should pay no attention to them." Trying to hold back the tears Anna says "I just wish that what they said didn't bother me this much, I want to not care." That's when Mr. Jones looks at her and says "You wouldn't be you if you didn't care. You just need to learn what to care about and what to not care about. Once you do this you will find everything being better than it ever was before." Anna's mom pulls up next to them, she had never left campus figuring that something would happen. Mr. Jones helped Anna to her moms car and said "I'll see you bright and chipper Monday right?" Anna nods and smirks goodbye to him and then her and her mom drove away.  Her mom and her talked about what happened the whole way home. It was odd, but Anna was OK with everything. Talking to Mr. Jones made her see something about herself that she had never seen before. 

To be continued. :) <3

For anyone struggling out there with who they are, remember it's OK to have weird quirks. They make you who you are. 
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