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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Anna's High School Poems and Notes 2!

Hello everyone! I found many notebooks of old notes that I had never given people as well as my old poem assignments that I though I would share with you. Don't worry they are embarrassing and emotional so they won't disappoint. Enjoy! Let me know the weird poem you like the most! 


Animal in Me
There is a Dolphin in me.
With a splash like a mountain
And fins like a mountain peak.
It jumps like a fly saucer.
It lives on the move
and makes me happy.
I wish I could swim free.
It makes me want to stand tall.
It makes me feel as if I am the ocean. 

Apology Poem
I'm sorry
I have to say,
that I made a mistake
and I'll never do that again.

You were probably in pain.

Forgive me,
I'm sorry.
But sometimes that's just the way it has to be.

Ask out, Dating
Boyfriend, girlfriend, happiness
Enjoyment, engagement, marriage, in love
Troublesome, Consequences, Doubts
Fights, struggling

Mood Poem
I'm Happy,
Not jump up and down happy,
Not dance around my room happy,
Not happy enough to kiss someone.
But just sunny day happy.
Happy because schools almost over,
Happy because everyone I know is happy.
Happy that I'm not grounded anymore. 

Hey, it's Anna, I just wanted to say hello and tell you what happened at the game yesterday. OK, well I told you about the night at Brian's party right, well that's what he did again. I'm so confused and lost cause he has Jess and yet he is doing that with me. Ashley is so pissed that he did that again. I was talking to her about that for a long time last night. She kept saying he's going to hurt you. (Wyatt that is.) Well he called me pudgy, but that's OK, I don't really care what he thinks. He called it sexy pudge at least. (lol) He kept saying mine and then putting his arms over me. I'm so confused. I don't even know if he is dating Jess or not and if so I'd feel horrible because it feels like he cheated on her with me. Again, I'm so confused. But anyway how are you? Good I hope!!!! My mom made me leave at lunch, but let me drive home!!! (hehe) LOL I should go, talk to you later! 

I wrote that after I had seen Wyatt, obviously I was a stupid teenage girl. GRR

I don't know why you are mad at me. I don't even know what I did. Whatever it is I am sorry. I never started any rumors about you no matter what people say. I am happy that you and Wyatt seem so happy together. I can tell he never really liked me by how he acts with you. I'm happy for you. Have you thought about the dance you would want to do for dance class first period? I was thinking a hip- hop jazz routine. I really don't like the teacher for our dance class. She is crazy. Well I hope you write me back. 

Jenny was mad at me for something I didn't do again. 

Sorry I couldn't come over yesterday, I had to help my mom with stuff around the house. What guitar song did you learn? I am jealous that you got to play yesterday! I don't know what's going on, but everyone is being really really mean to me lately. Do you know why? If you want to walk home together after school that would be fun. Also Jenny keeps rolling her eyes at me. I'm guessing everyone is being to me because of her. I guess I better get back to my fake life where I have sex in cars for fun and then lie and say that they rapped me. 

Ah, the note that I was going to give Ashley as soon as the rumor mill got talking again. 

Be prepared for a fun new story tomorrow! 
With Love and Butterflies 
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