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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Feeling Invisible

Everyone at one time or another has felt invisible, no one can deny that. But Anna's daily life had become feeling invisible constantly. No one ever quite got how she was feeling. Every time she spoke someone always felt the need to talk over her. It had started to get so bad that Anna decided to never have an opinion. It became easier than trying to have a voice. She would still talk to her friends and they would have good conversations but when other people became involved Anna often became quiet. It started to get really bad around Jenny and Ashley. Ashley could tell that something was wrong but Jenny kept getting mad at Anna. Later in the year Jenny and Anna ended up having classes together and while Anna was in class Jenny kept texting her "I know you can hear me! Why aren't you talking or texting me back!" Jenny sat across the room from Anna and she kept pointing to her phone but Anna had gotten into the habit of ignoring her. She sat next to some new friends that she made so she didn't entirely feel the need to text her back. Even though it may have not been the best thing to do at the time.

Later that week Brian had approached Anna and asked her what was wrong and she started to break down. It wasn't that she didn't want to talk it felt like no one ever wanted to hear her. She was starting to become depressed. Sadly Brian knew that this was something that Anna was going to have to over come by herself. He made her feel better before he left her but, he really was worried about her. Later that night Anna heard her phone buzz and when she looked at it she was reminded that there were some people out there that cared. It was Holly and Alaina and all that they both sent was "<3" She throws her phone back on her bed and of course it flies off the bed and hits the wall. As she is putting the battery back in her phone she finds something under her bed that she had forgotten about. It was a photo album of her and her friends before everything happened. They all looked so happy, like nothing bad would ever happen to them. Anna smiles and puts it back where she found it. It was hard to look at those times now. So much had changed.

It was midnight and Anna got the idea to write a massive text to all of her friends about what was going on. Most of them were probably up anyway. Her text pretty much said that she was sorry for being so sad and out of it lately and she explained a little as to why. No one knew this yet but her grandma was deathly ill so the small stuff like people talking over her were really starting to get to her. It wasn't that she was mad at them she was mad at the situation. As Anna curls up in her blanket and gets ready to put on a sad movie she gets a massive amount of texts back that say how sorry everyone is for acting the way that they did. Even Jenny sent one, sure it wasn't the nicest, but it was nice for her. Although Anna didn't feel that an apology was necessary from everyone it made her happy to know that people actually read her text. She still felt invisible but not like no one cared.

To be Continued...
©Amanda Catherine
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