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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Smoking and Fights

"All my life all I ever wanted to be is normal", Anna writes in her journal as if writing it down will make it happen. After being noticed for all the wrong reasons for so long blending into the crowd didn't seem so bad. Tapping her pen her thoughts race, she didn't really know what to think of life anymore. She looks up forgetting that she was in class. David is looking at her. They still had a History class together so they talked quite frequently. Anna smiles at him but her attention is immediately drawn by an advisor coming in. Of course the advisor was looking for Anna and of course she had to decide to go to class today. Anna starts packing up her books and leaves the classroom and follows the advisor down to their office. Plopping into the chair Anna looks super annoyed, it felt like visits like this were never going to end. The advisor sits down and grabs a notebook with a bunch of things written in it. He looks at Anna and say "so, have you been thinking about your future at all. Many students in your grade already have an idea of career paths they want to pursue." Anna starts playing with her earrings because she is super nervous. She honestly hadn't thought about this at all. Surviving High School became her top priority. He looks at her and continues with saying "Do you have any interests at all? Anything you enjoy doing while you are not here?" Anna explains about how she likes to write and she likes playing with animals. But in the end it of course ended with you have to get your grades up to do anything. Anna leaves the room more mad than ever. She didn't understand why he had to call her in and point out the obvious, but not ways to help her get there.

Anna heads outside and sees Ashley smoking across the street since it wasn't considered school property. Anna goes up to her and asks her if she can have a smoke. She is so stressed and had no way of dealing with it at the time. Ashley looks at her and smiles... "of course you can have one she says." Anna takes one, gets a light and leaves. She had never smoked before so she couldn't stop coughing, but after the first few puffs she was fine. While she was smoking she couldn't stop thinking about how "cool" she felt. She felt like the kid living life on the dangerous side, breaking the rules and not caring about it. The only problem was that she did care, she didn't want to end up so screwed up that she couldn't fix herself. She had to find a way to make everything in her life ok again. She heads back into school with a note from the advisor to excuse her for being late to class. She goes inside and as soon as she gets to the 2nd floor a fight was going on between Jenny and one of their classmates named Petra. Apparently Petra had been putting the moves on Wyatt and then kept talking smack to Jenny about it. Anna didn't want to say anything but Petra was much larger than Jenny so it wasn't probably the best idea that Jenny started the fight with her. Instead Anna grabs Jenny by the arm as she was mid swing to punch Petra and pulls her next to her says "This isn't worth it, it doesn't matter what she says. If you trust Wyatt this shouldn't be a issue." Jenny shrugs Anna away and says " I don't care I am just sick of her!" All the teachers started running into the hall after they started to hear all the commotion in the halls and break up the fight. Jenny walks away with an earring missing and a clump of Petra's hair in her hand. She tosses it to the side and laughs. "Whatever" Anna whispers to herself and starts to walk away. As she turns around one of her long time childhood friends named Jax is standing behind her. Anna always tried to avoid him as he is very perverted and spends most of his time trying to kiss Anna. She looks at him and very hostile says "What do you want?" He look her up and down and says "just wondering what you were doing tonight." Trying to push past him he moves into her way. She looks up at him and says "nothing really, just trying to figure my life out as usual." He leans into her and whispers "You don't have to figure anything out, I'm the guy you've been looking for." "Seriously! You are such a sleaze ball" She says to him as she walks away in the other direction. He yells "Call me!" At first Anna didn't want anything to do with him but besides being a sleaze ball he was actually a good friend most of the time. She texted him later and said "Wanna hang out?"  They met at the park and the whole time he was just trying to feel Anna up. She got so mad that she got up and left. That's when she looked at her phone only to find one very odd text from him. 

To Be Contined... :)
©Amanda Catherine
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